A little effort goes a long way

In the present Global Market, having a good product is no longer enough to guarantee a business deal with a foreign client; cultural awareness ...
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Indonesia - an exciting market

Did you know that about 230 Million people speak Indonesian as a mother tongue? Are you also aware that in 2006 British exports to ...
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So you want to learn Mandarin Chinese....

In general, Chinese is a difficult language for westerners, no matter how many European languages they may have mastered ...
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Patient care starts with good communication

In practice, healthcare staff, especially in hospitals, often have difficulty understanding each other since they come ...
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Clients Comments

"I am writing to acknowledge and thank you for the understanding and co-operation you have shown in working with us to provide British Cycling's under 23 Men's Olympic Academy with language skills over the last 18 months. Your help and support in providing this service to the riders is very much appreciated and the way in which you have accommodated our requests and dealt with the short notice at which the schedule changes has been fantastic."
English Institute of Sport

"We are pleased to confirm our total satisfaction with the standard of training and service we have received from the Languages for Business Centre. In the past we have used a variety of training methods and providers for language training, and none has matched the level of professionalism we have received from the Languages for Business Centre."
Scapa Polymerics

"Our commitment to investing in people includes language training, our key personnel need language skills to maintain and develop strong relationships with decision makers abroad and/or provide the level of customer service a global client base expects, which in turn is helping us to maintain and increase our global export performance. We know we can rely on LBC to provide effective, task-specific language training, appropriate country briefing and language resource consultancy."
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation

"The Languages for Business Centre have provided us with an incredibly flexible and individually tailored service - something that we haven't encountered elsewhere. The tutors and management have made the learning experience enjoyable and we've felt very supported each step of the way. Their fees are very reasonable and I will certainly be returning to them for future courses and recommending them to others"
Corporate client on Hotcourses reviews

"The excellent German language training delivered by LBC is boosting the confidence of our staff when dealing with German colleagues and customers."
Voith Sulzer Ltd., Middleton / Manchester
Geoff Floyd - Quality Control Manager

"The English language training for our German international customer service engineers was tailored to our particular requirements and is not only helping them to 'survive' in English speaking countries, but most importantly, enables them to understand clients' problems and to deal with them effectively."
Summix-Bolz UK, Salford
Ken Scales - UK Manager

"LBC has made a major contribution to our sales initiative aimed at gaining entry to the German mail order market and has been involved at every stage from translations of sales material, market research, making sales appointments and then working alongside us on the sales visits in Germany. All this has been done with great enthusiasm and efficiency; an excellent team to deal with." Montage Associates Ltd., Manchester
Design, Photography, Literature Production, Advertising, Marketing
Colin Hardicre - Chairman

"Our experience was with introductory German and high-level technical and business Russian. Top marks on both projects. Thank you."
CM Corrosion Management Ltd., Rugby
Dr. William M. Cox - Managing Director

"Advanced French Language Training with a programme tailored to our specific needs, is improving our service to customers."
Wolstenholme International Ltd., Darwen (Blackburn)
John H. Spencer - Personnel Manager

".... all of us were very pleased with the excellent teaching methods and benefited greatly from your support in overcoming language difficulties. You made us feel confident that the language could be mastered without embarrassment ..."
British Gas North Western, Altrincham/Cheshire
Derek H. Horner - Marketing Manager/Housing

"LBC's translation service is fast, reliable and technically correct which is of great importance to us. The introductory Italian course made us feel more confident with our suppliers and enabled participants from different departments to share a common programme."
Ebor Machinery Ltd., Rochdale/Lancs.
John Hodgen - Director

"... LBC's translation service made a significant contribution to the effective launch of our product range in Germany, France, Spain and Japan. A very enjoyable refresher course, specifically tailored and professionally delivered by LBC is enabling us to deal effectively with German customer orders and queries."
Mapleleaf Holdings Ltd., Prestwich/Lancs.
Eric Rigby - Manager/Mail Order Dept.

"It is our experience that the ability to communicate in our clients' language is directly contributing to export success."
CGB Engineering Ltd., Stockport
Gordon Boe - Managing Director

"... Cantonese language and culture training was not as daunting as anticipated thanks to an excellent tutor. Both of us feel well prepared now to embark on the new challenge in Hong Kong."
P. J. Pascoe, Sale/Cheshire.

"Excellent language training with LBC and supported by the TEC has enabled our manager to communicate more effectively with our associates".
Visurgis Optibelt (UK) Ltd., Warrington/Cheshire Anthony Turnbull - Manager
Arntz Optibelt KG, Höxter, Germany Dipl.-Ing. Karl-Wilhelm Biel

"These translations will be used in both Spain and South America. My distributors in both places were very impressed with your translation of the trademark licensing agreement. They commented that the Spanish was very good and they did not feel the need to suggest any changes. Congratulations to your translators."
Thomson Research Associates, Toronto, Canada
Barrie Clemo - Sales Manager

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