A little effort goes a long way

In the present Global Market, having a good product is no longer enough to guarantee a business deal with a foreign client; cultural awareness ...
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Indonesia - an exciting market

Did you know that about 230 Million people speak Indonesian as a mother tongue? Are you also aware that in 2006 British exports to ...
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So you want to learn Mandarin Chinese....

In general, Chinese is a difficult language for westerners, no matter how many European languages they may have mastered ...
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Patient care starts with good communication

In practice, healthcare staff, especially in hospitals, often have difficulty understanding each other since they come ...
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National Award-Winning Business Language Training, Translating And Interpreting

Based in Manchester in the North West of England, the Languages for Business Centre is a National Award-winning provider of language solutions for industry, commerce and the professions, operating across the U.K.

Business language training, translating and interpreting services, Manchester and the Northwest
LBC, part of modern, vibrant Manchester

We specialise in foreign and English business language training for groups and individuals either in-company or in-house, cultural briefings, specialist legal, technical and commercial translations, professional interpreting and a UK-based international calls service in a wide range of languages.

Customised Business Language Training

We offer task and sector-specific, individually-designed business language training, with intensive, fast-track, weekly, day or evening language courses at times and venues to suit our Manchester and North West clients. Our range of languages includes Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese), Danish, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish and English language courses for special purposes such as sales, customer service, medicine and hotel and tourism.
For further information, please visit our customised business language training and our language courses sections.

Quality-assured Translations

LBC's in-house language translation capacity is complemented by a U.K.-wide network of over 250 professional, qualified translators each with their own specialism, translating exclusively into their native language. We cover a wide range of subject areas, from Accountancy to Water Treatment, in most world languages. We have the resources to assign the most appropriate language specialists to your source text, closely monitoring each project from start to finish, so that clients know they can expect the same high quality of translation time after time.

Specialist Interpreting Service

Our professional, qualified interpreters are available for product presentations, factory visits, telephone and video conferencing, business meetings and conferences, court proceedings and more, providing a specialist service in most world languages

Export and Language Consultancy

As part of our business language services, we offer market entry and customer service support, assistance with export sales presentations and promotions, an international calls service, and representation at trade fairs in most world languages

The Languages for Business Centre
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