A little effort goes a long way

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Indonesia - an exciting market

Did you know that about 230 Million people speak Indonesian as a mother tongue? Are you also aware that in 2006 British exports to ...
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So you want to learn Mandarin Chinese....

In general, Chinese is a difficult language for westerners, no matter how many European languages they may have mastered ...
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Patient care starts with good communication

In practice, healthcare staff, especially in hospitals, often have difficulty understanding each other since they come ...
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Customised Business Language Training
Improving Your Level of Service

Do your reception and switchboard staff need to be able to recognise and deal with foreign language calls?
We'll train them to cope on a basic, operational level, often in only 40 hours. No more lost calls or sales opportunities.
Is it important for your Sales team to be able to present company, product and service in at least basic terms to overseas prospects?
They can, with intensive or weekly individually designed language training programmes which will provide them with the essential foreign language skills that they need.
Do you feel that your Customer Service Department should be providing your overseas customers with the same high level of service?
We can train staff to cope with questions of delivery, product availability, order status, documentation, complaints and much more.

Whatever your language training needs, we can offer affordable solutions. Because of our practical business experience, all of our training provision is client/business-centred. In other words, we provide your staff with the language structures, practical skills, vocabulary and cultural knowledge that they really need, both in the short and long term.

Customised business language training, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, English, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Swedish and Turkish courses

Our practical approach means that you will not waste valuable time and money on unnecessary training. If your Customer Service staff need to discuss delivery dates, product specification and order status with your overseas customers, on the phone, we train them to do just that.

If key staff need to be able to greet overseas buyers in their own language, show them around the factory and discuss the product range, those are the skills that we help them to acquire.

This is why customised language training will work for you. It is the proven cost and time-effective means of providing your staff with the language skills that they really need.

We complete a language audit and training needs analysis with you, using this as the basis for course design and course programme. We then come back to you with detailed training programme with measured training outcomes, a suitable time table and costing.
We train six days a week, between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m., at your premises or ours.
Quality Control:
All courses are thoroughly prepared. Training is monitored and evaluated at each stage of delivery; there is a formal end of course assessment under exam conditions.
Our trainers:
Experienced, qualified and carefully selected to match your requirements. They are noted for their sensitive and supportive approach.
Combination approach - we strongly believe in using whichever methodology works best for YOU, and will get a good idea of this during your assessment. Expert tuition is complemented by active role plays, reading / writing / listening/ speaking stimulus, multi-media support and in-situ recording of the key elements of your sessions to help with consolidation.
Course design:
We select and design materials based only on your specific needs and the agreed training strategy.
We can prepare you for qualifications such as the RSA Certificate in Business Language Competence.
To find out more about how we work, continue to Identifying your Needs

For more information on specific courses go to Language Courses

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