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Export Services

We assist companies planning to enter or develop overseas markets with our comprehensive language and consultancy service, complementing the role of organisations such as UKTI and the Chambers of Commerce

To complement the role of these agencies we:

  • Help you to establish a planning strategy for market entry (see Check List).
  • Identify potential overseas customers.
  • Get in touch with prospects to identify the appropriate contact.
  • Translate introductory letters, product literature and user manuals.
  • Set up appointments for product or service presentations.
  • Work alongside your sales teams to deliver presentations in your client's language or provide linguistic back-up on your exhibition stand.
  • Deal with all post visit correspondence and telephone calls.
  • Provide a complete after-sales backup service (customer liaison) in the language.
  • Equip your key personnel with task-specific language skills and cultural awareness (see 'Language Training: 'Developing a Company Training Policy'.)
  • Our role is essentially that of assisting companies, who initially cannot justify the cost of a full time linguist, or team of linguists, to compete effectively in overseas markets.

Can you afford to miss out on the potential of overseas markets?

You have invested a great deal of planning, time and money developing your web site,
a show case of your product/service benefits and company profile to attract new business.

You have indentified new markets you could serve and existing ones to expand.
Your strategy, action planning, currency risk management and internal administrative support structures for export are in place.

You may have even registered on the UKTI website,for sales and tender leads, market intelligence and events news

In fact, you have done everything right to ensure that your shop is open for international business.

But have you considered that a first sales approach to, for example, a Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese or Arabic speaking market might be received more favourably if it was in the language of the target market rather than English?

You might say,'The world speaks English - they'll understand ' They might well do, but would you necessarily react favourably if an overseas company insisted on giving you a sales pitch in French, or Chinese, or Spanish, or German ....? Would you be happy to bring in an interpreter at your own expense? Probably not

Your web site will also work more effectively for you internationally if you include a summary of your benefits / products / services / company in the languages of your target markets.
This is not simply a courtesy - but an effective sales tool! Can you afford to miss out ? We are not suggesting you translate the entire site, but a professionally translated summary and key search words in the target language could help, especially if you have the site professionally optimised for the target markets

Translations of your summary and key search words would be carried out by qualified professional translators, native speakers, specialising in your particular area of expertise.
We will liaise closely with you to ensure that concepts and style are adapted to be right for your target markets, taking into account both cultural and linguistic differences.

Contact us for dedicated, professional and affordable translations that will work for your website and for you

The Languages for Business Centre
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