A little effort goes a long way

In the present Global Market, having a good product is no longer enough to guarantee a business deal with a foreign client; cultural awareness ...
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Indonesia - an exciting market

Did you know that about 230 Million people speak Indonesian as a mother tongue? Are you also aware that in 2006 British exports to ...
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So you want to learn Mandarin Chinese....

In general, Chinese is a difficult language for westerners, no matter how many European languages they may have mastered ...
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Patient care starts with good communication

In practice, healthcare staff, especially in hospitals, often have difficulty understanding each other since they come ...
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Exporters Check List

Establish a planning strategy for market entry:

  • What is the present scope of the company
  • Where do you plan to be 5 years from now
  • Establish objectives to be achieved, their resourcing, organisation, administration and monitoring Obtain Target Market Profile

Developing and Managing Business Relationships (Country and Culture Briefing)

  • Negotiating skills, how different are they
  • Communication skills
  • Do's and don'ts

Action Planning

  • Trade fair attendance as a visitor to evaluate the competition, the need to adapt product/service and certification requirements.
  • Identify market niche?
  • Commission or conduct market research and establish prospect base
  • Select a foreign language service provider
  • Contact prospects, establish the right contact person and interest
  • Produce/send introduction and product info in the target language
  • Establish appointments with prospects and itinerary
  • Establish price structure and currency risk management
  • Select key staff for basic language training
  • Install procedures for export documentation, transport, customer service and getting paid
  • Translate user manuals, Technical Data Sheets, etc.
  • Include a summary of your company, products, benefits, service in the target language on your website
  • Attend trade fair as an exhibitor

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